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We are dedicated to helping small businesses offer employee benefits, perks and experiences that help them win the war on talent.

Who we are

Envisioning A Future Where Small Businesses Thrive and Employees Flourish

The Benefit Boutique strives to be the premier employee benefits consultant. We aspire to become the trusted partner that empowers small businesses to achieve unparalleled success by delivering customized solutions that exceed expectations.

E3 Method

Introducing The Industry-Leading, Proprietary ERBP BlueprintTM

ERBP stands for Employee Retention Benefit Package. The Blueprint combines our proprietary E3 Method™, The Defined Benefit Allocation for Ancillary Products, and The Perk Partner Experience™.
When we guide our clients through the ERBP Blueprint™, we create a customizable employee benefit package, inclusive of events and experiences, that address the needs of a diverse, multi-generational workforce. We establish all of this, within the employers’ budget. Our clients tell us how much they want to invest into their workforce. We don’t tell you.

Let’s find out what’ going on. And what’s not.


Educating your employees via events and experiences.


This is the result. Elevated employees living up to their fullest potential, both on and off the clock.

How We Serve

Employee Benefit Strategy

Our team of experts combines industry knowledge with creativity to craft benefit packages tailored to your company's character and culture. We are committed to improving the well-being of your employees while optimizing your bottom line, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Experience the Future of HR and Payroll Support

At our innovative benefits brokerage, we've reimagined the way businesses manage their HR and payroll needs. Our full-service solution brings unprecedented efficiency and cost savings to the table. Unlike traditional PEOs, we've harnessed cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver a forward-thinking approach that empowers your business. Say goodbye to costly fees and hello to a future where you can focus on what matters most –growing your company.

How We Optimize Your Bottom Line

Unlock your small business’s growth potential with expert Employee Benefits, Payroll, and HR management. Our seasoned professionals ensure legal compliance, maximized efficiency, and enhanced employee satisfaction, all while safeguarding your business from costly risks. As a client of The Benefit Boutique, you gain a competitive edge, attract top talent, and build a workplace that fosters long-term success. Elevate your business with our tailored services today.


Here's What They Say About Us

Kerrie, Human Resources Manager Arlington, Texas

Effortless and Enjoyable

I have known Daris professionally many for years and her positive approach to business and life are what made me trust her to offer voluntary benefits to my employees. As expected, Daris made the work of educating and enrolling our employees into her plans effortless and enjoyable. It is a good recruiting and retention strategy to have great benefits for employees. Let Daris help you increase your benefit offerings to get and keep remarkable people!

Amy, Office Manager Fort Worth, Texas

Administration is a Breeze

Working with Daris has been a true joy. Not only is she hands on working with our employees and me, but administration is a breeze! I love that we can offer our employees a low-cost value added benefit and feel a true partnership with Daris. She’s like family to me.

Christy, Director of Human Resources & Office Management Dallas, Texas

She Genuinely Cares

When I think about partnering with a new vendor I hope they are all as fabulous as Daris! etc group has been working with her since 2018. She makes the administrative aspect of our account so seamless and easy for us. But I think the best thing about working with Daris is that she makes learning about her services fun while she is educating us. She is a very informative presenter and keeps the engagement of our employees high because you just love being in the room with her and she genuinely cares about making everyone’s life a little easier, and a little safer!!!

Kim, President Fort Worth, Texas

World Class

LegalShield has been such a beneficial add to our organization. The Small Business Plan is especially helpful when we need contracts reviewed, have a question about changing HR regulations, or even when we need to discuss intellectual property matters. LegalShield connects us to attorneys that specialize in our specific needs and geographic locations. Our account manager Daris Frencha is world class!

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We are dedicated to delivering customized solutions that go beyond meeting your unique needs –they exceed your expectations.
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