Helping Companies Retain Top Talent

We specialize in helping small businesses that have between 2 – 50 employees get affordable and easy access to employee benefits so that they can be more competitive at attracting and retaining talent. We work with carriers that remove employee participation minimums – which is a headache for small groups. Our carriers also relax employer contribution requirements because small businesses don’t have big budgets. We also provide a complimentary benefits administration portal to help make managing benefits more efficient and less time consuming.

We custom-tailor benefit options for your diverse workforce so you get higher participation and a happier, more productive team.

While the budget is custom-tailored by you the employer. You determine your contribution based on your budget.

We make benefits fun!

The Benefit Boutique is a full-service, WBENC certified Employee Benefits Brokerage. I entered the employee benefit industry in 2012, specializing in legal and identity theft protection as voluntary benefits. I love these benefits, because they were unique and helped a lot of families out then, and still do today. I also love helping small businesses enhance their benefit package so they could compete with the bigger companies with bigger budgets.

Fast forward to 2021, after enduring so many things personally and professionally, I re-evaluated my purpose and my business.

Words like total wellness, holistic approach, corporate culture, mental wellness, work-from-home, flex hours, etc. became a part of the employee benefit package. I realized that I wanted to do MORE to help small businesses, and The Benefit Boutique was born.

We partner with several companies and Perk Partners to help small businesses create a truly unique employee benefits package that stands heads and shoulders against their competition.

We help you win the game of, “which company should I work for?”

Daris Frencha