Electricity Savings as an Employee Benefit? That’s A Hard YES!

Electricity Savings as an Employee Benefit? That’s A Hard YES!

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This month we are talking about one the most creative and valuable employee benefits that you can offer your employees during today’s economy: savings on electricity. Told ya it’s electric! 💡 Seriously, it’s a commodity that the majority of us have to pay for but have no idea how to get the best savings. It’s pretty hard to shop for, let alone understand this market.

Keep reading to learn more Melinda Zito O’Brien, a fellow WBE and owner of the Energy Utility Group (EUG). She has over 15 years as an energy broker so she can tell us a thing or two about the energy industry. And she’ll let you how we can help your employees save money and time. I’m so happy that she has shared this information with us!

Shopping For Electricity In Texas Can Be Irritating

Shopping for electricity in the Texas deregulated market can be irritating. It is confusing with many different fees and different prices for kilowatt hours used. Many people just give up and stay with the Retail Energy Provider they have; thinking there can’t be that much of a difference in price, right? Well actually, WRONG.

Many things influence the electricity market in Texas. For example, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had a negative impact on the Texas electricity market creating the highest prices in over 12 years. Weather is another big influencer in the cost of electricity and natural gas in Texas. After storm Uri in 2021, Texas saw the first large increase in pricing. The current US storm during the 2022 holidays saw rates jump up again.

Many people, again, just give up and stay with the Retail Energy Provider they have; thinking there can’t be that much of a difference in price, right? Well actually, WRONG. AGAIN.

My Own Testimony: Shopping For Electricity Was Not Fun! Period.

It wasn’t until I met Melinda Zito O’Brien, fellow WBE, at a Women’s Business Council Event that I understood how much I DIDN”T know about Energy. I have personally lived in a co-op ALL MY LIFE. My whole entire life!

And then, I was dropped into deregulated market, with more options that I thought were going to give me the choice I deserved as an American to shop an open market. Well, let me tell you how that went. Not so good! I was stressed, confused, wasted a lot of time and ended up with a headache. And still didn’t know what to do.

And then….a light bulb went off. 💡 Yes, pun intended.

I remembered having that one-on-one with Melinda and how her program could do all the work for me, save me time and MONEY by simply going to her website.

In Texas, 96% of all electricity and natural gas contracts are done through brokers. Customers were always asking if we could help residential customers, especially for their employees. This was the birth of the idea for EUG Employee Electricity Benefits Program. EUG is a certified Woman Owned Business and this group of customers encouraged the development of the program.

This program brings the benefits of a commercial industrial broker to residential customer and is the first to do it. Having a broker on your side in the residential market is invaluable.

This Month’s Creative Benefit Idea

Electricity Savings as an Employee Benefit 💡💡💡

After having such and amazing experience with EUG, Melinda and I formed a partnership so that we could help others save time, money and frustration.

This program is FREE to clients of The Benefit Boutique. You can easily offer this creative benefit to your employees and it SAVES your employees money on a bill they already pay, electricity. The average savings ranges from $35 a month or $420 a year to $200 a month or $1200 a year or more. It can be like giving your employees a raise without impacting your bottom line.

What can your employees do with $420 to $1200 or more a year?

Your employees cannot access these offers without you being a customer of The Benefit Boutique. This is a benefit that costs you nothing and saves your employees a bundle. Want electricity savings for your business? We can help you there as well.

For more information, creative ideas on how to attract and retain talent, download our complimentary list. 

Thanks to Melinda for this great information and partnership. And thanks to you for sticking in there with us! Until next month….


Daris Frencha

CEO and President

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