It’s Easier and More Affordable To Offer Employee Benefits

There are some major game-changers that make it easier and more affordable for small businesses to offer a competitive employee benefits package. If you have 10 – 50 employees you definitely want to keep reading.

Game-Changer #1: No Employee Participation Minimums Make It Easier to Offer Employee Benefits

Yes, you heard me correctly – No Employee Participation Minimums. This is huge! How many times have you not been able to offer certain benefits because you didn’t get enough participation from your employees? Or even better, how many times have you had to go around and plead with employees to enroll in a benefit so you could get enough participation? That costs you time and it’s not fair to the employee if it’s something that they really didn’t want for their family.

There are carriers that specialize in helping small businesses offer a large variety of ancillary benefits and they do not require minimum employee participation – and that’s who The Benefit Boutique works with.

Game-Changer #2: No Employer Contribution Minimums Make it More Affordable to Offer Employee Benefits

Yes, I know, this sounds too good to be true. But it is! This same carrier has taken another hurdle away, so that you don’t break your bank by having to pay for everyone’s premium. This means you can offer a large variety of ancillary benefits on a purely voluntary basis! Keep reading, it gets better…

Imagine This…Offering Nine Ancillary Benefits AND Getting Almost 100% Participation When You Offer Employee Benefits

As we know it can be time consuming and expensive to offer employee benefits. You put in the time in selecting which benefits to offer, you roll it out, and BAM, you don’t get the participation you were hoping for. Bummer. You feel like you’ve wasted your time and your employees’ time. 
Imagine being able to offer the following employee benefits and getting almost 100% participation. 
        1. Base Life Insurance/AD&D
        2. Voluntary Life Insurance
        3. Voluntary Short-Term Disability
        4. Voluntary Dental
        5. Voluntary Vision
        6. Voluntary Critical Illness
        7. Legal Protection
        8. Identity Theft Protection
        9. Tele-Medicine

Why does this work? Because you are offering a variety of benefits which allows the employee to customize their elections based on the needs of their family. You have a multi-generational, multi-cultural team that has different values, financial goals and needs.  

With almost 100% participation, you can rest-assured that you’re not wasting anyone’s time…and that your employees are happy with their elections. 

If You’d Like To Make An Employer Contribution, You Can!

Now you can offer this as completely voluntary, but you do have the option of offering a contribution, which we highly recommend. It’s shows your generosity and allows you to determine a fixed amount starting at as little as $25 per employee per month. 

Here’s an example. We had an employee that always waived every benefit. You know how that employee that doesn’t want ANY more deductions, at all, ever? That was him.  However, when we explained to him that his employer was giving him $25 per month, for the first time ever he enrolled! He was able to get base life insurance of $50,000, short-term disability and dental.

This was a game-changer for this man’s family! Also, think about how this $25 a month will very likely increase retention.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Defined Contribution plan you can jump on my calendar for a short overview to see if this will help you accomplish your employee benefit goals. Of if you’d like a quote, you can simply email us your company name, number of employees and company address. Yes, that’s right, you don’t need to send us a census! We also make benefits easy! 

Click here to contact us.

For a full list of the Game-Changers that make it easier and more affordable for a small business to offer a competitive employee benefits package, check out this month’s webinar!

See you soon!

Daris Frencha

Owner and President

The Benefit Boutique

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